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A Trip to The Meatball Shop

by Julie Petrarca

Our team took an after-work trip to  The Meatball Shop last night to chow down on some warm comfort food, L.E.S style. As we’re no strangers to this late-night dining hotspot, we knew what we wanted before even stepping foot in the door – spicy pork with parmesan sauce and chicken with mushroom sauce. Wanting something new, we also went with a good recommendation and ordered the  mashed potatoes, which are now a new personal side-dish favorite. We were too stuffed to sample their desserts, but if you have a sweet tooth the ice-cream sandwiches are another must-try! Check out our mini- feast from the night:

chicken meatballs & mashed potatoes
Chicken meatballs with mushroom sauce, focaccia bread, and mashed potatoes.

spicy pork meatballs with parmesan sauce
Spicy pork meatballs with parmesan sauce & foccacia bread.


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