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by Julie Petrarca

Scented Candles

We’ve officially launched the newest members to the Kassatex family – candles! Carefully selected for their intensely delicious fragrances are – DayNa Decker, Jonathan Adler and Voluspa candle collections. Contained within hand-blown glass and porcelain, each offer a chic addition to any space. Discover each collection below:

DayNa Decker:

Inspired by nature, the Botanika collection blends natural soy and palm based oils with the intensity of complex fragrance notes in a creamy wax. Presented in beautiful hand-blown glass, this Chandel mesmerizes with the organic, EcoWood Wick as its flame radiates a soft, crackling effervescence to captivate your every sense. Indulge in the splendor of style and serenity.

DayNa Decker Clementine candle

shown in Clementine

Jonathan Adler:

Pottery meets scents with the Muse collection’s coupling of fresh aromas contained in handcrafted porcelain vessels, while the Pop Candle collection features succulent scents contained in juicy colored, hand blown glass vessels. Brighten up your space with exciting colors, bold graphics and luscious aromas.

Earl Grey Pop Candle

shown in Earl Grey


Experience modern luxury with the high volume fragrances and beautifully intricate packaging of the Maison Blanc collection. The refined, milky glass encases the candle’s natural coconut, soy and apricot based wax, while the 100% cotton wick ensures a more perfect burn and illuminates with a cheerful glow. Emerge your senses in delightfully sweet aromas that add luxe to everyday living.Voluspa Saijo Persimmon candle

shown in Saijo Persimmon

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