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Joaquín Sorolla & the Glory of Spanish Dress

by Julie Petrarca

Flamenco Dancer

The Spanish Institute’s latest exhibit, Joaquín Sorolla and the Glory of the Spanish Dress, gives viewers a glimpse into Spanish culture by combining the works of Joaquin Sorolla with a gorgeous display of traditional Spanish apparel. As a traveler and painter, Sorolla’s works are focused on everyday life. From peasants working in the field to a traditional wedding scene and even a bullfight, all of these captured moments can make the viewer feel as though they’re looking through the artist’s eyes. Adding even more to this cultural voyage, is the small but carefully curated display of authentic Spanish apparel and jewelry, some of which was worn by Spain’s elite. Among these treasures are elaborate brocade gowns, gemstone earrings, vibrant batas de colas and intricate trajes de luces, all of which make this exhibit a must-see. So, if you have not paid this museum a visit yet, take a look at some of our favorites from the exhibit below:

Mantón de Manila (shawl)

Mantón de Manila (shawl), 19th century Collection of Naty Abascal

Traje de luces

Traje de luces (bullfighter’s suit) by Fermín, 1950s-1960s worn by Antonio Ordóñez & Capote de paseo (bullfighter’s ceremonial capt), 1940s worn by Carlos Arruza

Couple from Salamanca

Couple from Salamanca, 1912 Joaquín Sorolla

image credit: Spanish Institute

image 1: Flamenco Dancer, 1914 Joaquín Sorolla

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