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The Fabulous Florence Welch at Home

by Julie Petrarca

Florence Welch London Home

When we saw pictures of Florence Welch’s home in this month’s Vogue, it reminded us a little of our Spiaggia Medallion towel. What do you think? Definitely not for color or pattern afraid – the living room alone mixes purple and yellow lampshades in the foreground of a teal wall. With a varied collection of art, mixes of bright and pastel hues, flowery and renaissance inspired patterns, each element work together to create a space that is as unique as Welch’s music. If we had to pick a favorite, it’s definitely her vintage-meets-modern, yellow striped couch – and of course those red heels!  So, are you feeling as inspired by the vibrancy of this boho abode as we are?

Florence Welch Living Room

Florence Welch Bedroom

Florence Welch Wardrobe

Florence Welch Bathroom

(image credits: Vogue)

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